Darío García Pereyra
Graphic Designer / Art Director

Email: dario@dgsite.com.ar

I live in Buanos Aires. I graduated as a Graphic Designer at the University of Buenos Aires in 1995.
Since 1993 to 1999 I worked at Publicity Dep. in Laboratorios Roemmers.
In 2000 I started working at IntraMed, company dedicated to the health professionals. I´m dedicated on the Company´s communication and design, working on web projects, multimedia and editorial. IntraMed.net is the website for health professionals leader in Latin America; being, thus, an important promoter of scientific content. Also, over the years, I got involved in various freelance projects, managing to expand my professional spectrum.

In parallel, I have developed my experimental profile, always with the idea of approaching new shapes and images. There my photographs and my prints appear.

Thanks for visiting DGsite; site designed by me, with the idea of ​​sharing both my commercial work as those experimental. This is the 7h version.

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